Chairman's report to the residents in the Parish of North Cave



What a year it has been, an extra long period since the last AGM in May 2019. We have been unable to hold our normal AGM in May 2020 due to the meeting restrictions set by the Government dealing with the virus and the need for social distancing.


The Parish Council held its last regular monthly meeting in February 2020 not knowing at that time that this would be our last normal meeting until July 2020. During the period when the Council could not meet, urgent matters requiring action were dealt with by the Parish Clerk, the Vice Chairman and the Chairman. Planning applications received have been attended to by all Councillors via the internet and I am most grateful to all the Parish Councillors for the way that they have managed to assist with these from home via the internet.


During this last year – or should I say period of time the council have seen a number of ideas that had been agreed before come into fruition. These included lights in the trees on the grassed area around the War Memorial at Christmas which many people said looked fantastic. Thanks, must be extended to Councillors Pile and Davison for their work in laying the cables underground and putting the lights into the trees. In addition, flower baskets have been fitted to the street lights in Westgate and Church Street which do a lot to brighten up the areas. In the case of the flower baskets it is hoped to extend these into other areas in due time.


The Council has continued to press East Riding Council regarding the traffic survey which was carried out in 2017 and the response to the questionnaire issued to residents in Westgate and Church Street late last year. A number of meetings have taken place between Parish Councillors and Highways Officers from East Riding Council. This has resulted in part for new signage at points of entry into the village on the B1230 stating “Unsuitable for Caravans” etc. etc. Let’s hope that these signs have the desired effect and result in a reduction in the number of caravans going through the village.


The Council was able this year to make a very small increase in the community charge made to properties in the Parish to just over 3p per week for a Band E property. This has been due to careful management of Parish funds despite the increased costs made to the council for such things as street lighting, grass cutting, salaries, insurance, emptying of rubbish bins and the maintenance of street furniture etc. to name just a few.


The Parish Council continues to press East Riding Council on a number of ongoing matters such as pot holes, planning matters and other areas of concern to residents. The Council is also dealing with matters involving the Police, Environment Agency, Yorkshire Water etc.


This has been a most difficult period and has resulted in the Parish Council having to operate in an abnormal and untried way and though we have had some minor problems with this new style of working things have worked out reasonably well. I am most grateful to the Parish Clerk and all the members of the Parish Council for the diligent way that they have all carried out their duties during this most difficult of times.


Howard Strong


July 2020