Well another year goes past and your Parish Councillors have again been working hard to make sure that North Cave and Everthorpe continue to be super places to live.


Cost continue to rise, and it was with some misgivings that your councillors had to recommend to ERYC that the Parish Precept should be increased by about 0.07p per week for the average home in the year 2019/2020. Though it may seems at first sight that the Council has reserves, we are required to ensure that our reserves are greater than our budget. Local government legislation requires Parishes such as North Cave to have regard to its level of reserves that may be needed for meeting estimated future expenditure and this we do on a regular basis.


The Parish Council has to make payments for many things, some of which are unknown to most members of the public, these include payments for the maintenance of Street lights and Insurance for these. Grass cutting through out the villages as well as payments for filling salt bins. Payments for the maintenance and repairs to the Bus Shelters. In addition the Council now has to make contributions (By Law) into pension funds for our employees. These are just a few of the many payments that your Council has to make.


Over the last year in particular Councillors have arranged for a number of projects to be undertaken these include improvements to the War Memorial at considerable cost but which now I am sure looks magnificent.   The erection of the Christmas Tree and lights by the war memorial. The purchase and fitting of additional Litter Bins etc etc


Councillors have been working with ERYC regarding Traffic matters in the Parish and Councillors managed to get ERYC to employ a specialist to undertake a full review of traffic matters throughout the Parish. A consultation is about to take place with residents in respect of recommendations made in the specialists report


All our Council Meetings and open to the public who are most welcome and who may, should they wish ask questions and raise matters at the start of every meeting.


We are now approaching election time and it is many years since it has been necessary to hold an election for Parish Councillors in North Cave. It would therefore be great to have a large number of people interested in joining the Council so that for the first time in years we would need to have an election.


Howard Strong

Chairman - North Cave Parish Council

April 2019