The East Riding of Yorkshire Council Ttaffic Management Team have provided the foloowing report.

A 7 day traffic survey took place on the week commencing the 8th March 2021, at B1230 Newport Road North Cave.

Under the speed management procedure, the results of the survey produced a score of 4 points, this score included 1 points and 1 point/s from Police collision data.

Options for those achieving green priority, include initiatives such as Community Speed Watch and the hire of speed indicator devices (please contact traffic management for hire details). Traffic Management will contact amber and red sites direct, once we have had responses from the relevant agencies.

Traffic Management will be producing a report on the 2020-21 survey activity, this data will provide an insight into the changes and evolution of traffic flow and we will be able to provide a greater insight into the issues of speed for senior officers and elected members throughout the Council. 

There are a number of sites which are being surveyed as part of a wider review/assessment process and this information can be taken as an update to progress. In all cases, where the scores have produce a border line result, Traffic Management will monitor the sites for events which would indicate that the site qualifies for a higher priority group.

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