We understand that one of the main concerns of residents in the village is the traffic and it is one that we share; it is discussed in length at all meetings, actions are placed on ERYC and yet we continue to find ourselves with no support or resolution. 

During the summer we saw increased traffic from the much publicised Great British Staycation with our East Riding towns and villages benefiting from the increased footfall, but in the process our village was and continues to be used as a supposed short cut to the coast. This is an increasing problem during the week too with the village being used as an access point to and from the M62.

This is where we as a Parish Council are asking you to help us, we need your voices and action to support what we are saying.  It is great to see some residents take action from the data capture device on Church Street to personal signage down Westgate where vehicles continue to be damaged.  But we need you to write, or email your Ward Councillors and our local MP.  These communications need to contain your experiences. 

Details of your local waed councillors and MP can be found on the ERYC website here

Please copy us into your correspondence so that we can continue to listen to what you are saying and support you.  It is a big ask and there will not be an overnight fix but the more we can publicly highlight the problem the better.

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