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Traffic issues in the village

This is the response we have received from EYRC regarding the issues we have raised regarding traffic etc. in our village:

“Firstly, in respect of your concerns over potholes on Station Road, I
understand that your report has already been logged with the relevant
department. You may not be aware, but the council provides an internet
portal for residents to report road maintenance issues direct to the
Highways Maintenance team.

I am afraid that I am not able to comment on the recent collision that
required the attendance of the air ambulance, until we have the full
details from the police. However, please be assured that any serious
collision will be investigated in detail by the agencies involved,
including, if appropriate, the council’s own specialist road safety

In respect of road safety, I have checked the police data and in the
last five year there has only been record of slight collisions
throughout the village, with only one serious collision from loss of
control resulting in a fall from a pedal cycle. This was unrelated to
any other vehicle. This is a good safety record for such a location, and
it is not possible to justify taking action on the grounds of safety

With regards specifically to vehicle speeds in the village, you have
correctly noted that we have carried out a number of speed surveys.
North Cave has had considerable attention from the Traffic Management
engineers over the years and we have met with the parish council on
several occasions to try to address local concerns.  However, the
traffic surveys we have undertaken so far have not produced data which
supports the assertion that there is an actionable issue with speed
through the village.

The parish council now have access to a number of local solutions
through our Speed Management Programme, such as Community Speed Watch
and the hire of Speed Indicator Signs, which we understand are being
progressed, subject to resource and community support. We plan to carry
out further surveys in the spring and will offer appropriate support
based on the outcome of these. Our engineers are working to forge closer
links with our partner organisations, so that we can expand the range
and effectiveness of community solutions.”

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