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Update to Bus Services 55 and X5

We have received the following message from EYRC:

Dear Parish Clerk,
I wanted to update you on some changes to the 55 and X5 bus services, which may affect your residents.

East Yorkshire Buses has made a commercial decision to cease operating the 55 bus service between Elloughton and Goole after operation on Saturday 9th April 2022. Links between Elloughton and Hull will be maintained by a revised service 55. From the same date the X5 service from Goole to Hull will also cease to operate. 

The Council is aware of this decision by the bus company and is currently inviting tenders for a replacement service. The replacement bus service will not be the current service 55 timetable, but will provide links for the communities of South Cave, North Cave, Newport, Gilberdyke, Eastrington, Howden and Goole. The Council plans, subject to funding, to be able to advise on a replacement timetable by Monday 14th March 2022. Clearly this will be an additional financial commitment for the Council at a time when the budget for supported bus services is already under pressure, but we will endeavour to provide a service for the residents of these villages.

We will update you as soon as we receive further information.

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