We are another step closer to spring, the daffodils are starting to peek through and the days are getting that little bit longer but that does not mean we are free of those frosty, icy mornings just yet.  

There has been much talk over the last couple of months regarding salt spreading in the village.  The village path sweeper and some parish councillors have been out spreading salt and some members of the public have made use of the salt provided in the bins but there is often confusion about who should be doing it.  

The pavements in the village are considered highways and therefore fall under the jurisdiction of East Riding Yorkshire Council. EYRC have a winter plan that they work to which highlights areas based on their risk assessment, this would take in to account high risk areas such as sheltered housing.  ERYC also provide salt bins in the village based on their assessment which are topped up, these are for use of members of the public.  The Parish Council has no statutory duty to spread salt on pavements, but we did take the decision to enhance the local councils salt provision by providing additional salt bins which we pay to have topped up.

We do need your help though to increase safety in the community.  The government very much welcome public spiritedness to help clear pavements using the salt provided, there is often a misconception that people would be held liable and there is a fear of litigation should someone still have an accident, however this is not the case as long as paths are cleared carefully.  As a parish council we often liaise with other parish councils to share best practice and this topic is another one that has been discussed far and wide.  

We have an Emergency Plan in the village, but we need volunteers to come forward who would be willing to spread salt, clear snow and spread the word in the event of flooding. Please do come forward and speak with our Parish council Clerk for an informal chat or to put your name forward.

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